Arms and shoulders


Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder blade pain

Neck tension

Golf / tennis arm





Pain affecting the shoulder blade can be located at different ends of the shoulder blade. This ranges from the arms to the ribs and usually always has a different underlying cause.




Here too, I use the fascia technique in connection with the Swaywaver treatment method. This will relieve the pain in the affected fascia and muscles and lead to long-term wellbeing.

Another important related topic: the impingement syndrome.




Just a few treatments brings about a new feeling of freedom of movement.


Familiar movement sequences are possible again, your everyday life and your sport activities bring you enjoyment again.

Another important topic is the typical


Tennis / golfer’s arm (elbow)

As I am familiar with both sports, it was important to me to develop a treatment concept for golfers and tennis players.

You can find out more about this on the "Golf and Tennis" page.

Levator Scapulae -Pain Zones-


Also called the shoulder blade lifter, it connects your neck to your shoulder blade and often causes shoulder and neck pain when it has trigger points in it.



Infraspinatus -Pain Zones-

If your infraspinatus is tense, it can locally cause "burning" pain in the shoulder blade.


Trigger points in the muscle irritate your nervous system so much that the pain can also radiate into the neck, shoulder and upper arm.


Pain in this area is almost a widespread disease and is usually felt as  tension pain or burning pain.

Often the causes are "bad posture", a lack of exercise or excessive exercise.