SHIBORI RITUAL body and face

"wring out and unfold"




60 min    100 €

90 min   120 €


120 min  160 €




  SHIBORI RITUAL is the signature treatment of pensa calma


With the Swaywaver treatment table,

you move weightlessly in a three-dimensional space.

This results in a unique movement experience.


Osteopathy meets beauty


As an osteopath, I have succeeded in developing OSTEO SKIN,

a unique cosmetic product line,

and the matching treatment ritual.


In each formula, OSTEO SKIN combines plants

that are finely tuned to each other and are therefore able develop their

optimal effect for every skin type.


It not only promises beauty for the skin but also

peace and calm for the body.


SHIBORI RITUAL Body & Face "OSTEO SKIN" ............................. 60 min / 100 €



Begin your ritual with a welcome back massage on the floating treatment table. Then enjoy the SHIBORI Facial, an oil cleansing massage with jojoba serum and the soothing scent of Swiss stone pine. This is followed by a regulating facial massage with the SHIBORI ceramic stamps, which brings you into balance, and the subsequent lifting massage (based on the Japanese Kobido). The Finish with OSTEO SKIN face+, the cream with a “natural botox effect”, gives your skin a fresh, youthful appearance.

SHIBORI RITUAL Body & Face Premium "OSTEO SKIN" ............ 90 min / 120 €


Experience a soothing full-body massage on the Swaywaver treatment table and float into deep relaxation within just a few minutes. Then enjoy the SHIBORI Facial. Begin with a refreshing cleansing massage with cucumber extract, followed by a mask with minerals and plant extracts that ensure deep pore cleansing and tighten the skin at the same time.

Fragrant warm compresses disperse a special feeling of well-being and let your skin breathe.


Through targeted maneuvers of the fascial lines with the SHIBORI stamps and a special lifting technique with the hands (based on the Japanese Kobido), you will experience a facial massage in its most beautiful form. The finish with OSTEO SKIN face+, the cream with a "Natural Botox Effect", gives your skin new elasticity and a relaxed appearance.

SHIBORI RITUAL Body & Face Elite "OSTEO SKIN" ................. 120 min / 160 €


Experience a treatment for body and soul from beginning to end with an intensity you have never experienced anywhere else.


Float in a three-dimensional space on the Swaywaver treatment table and enjoy a holistic full-body massage specially developed by an osteopath. Sensory stimuli are eliminated and your sensory powers activated. The big SHIBORI Facial awaits you with the cleansing ritual and all the massage elements. Embedded in the Facial are osteopathic techniques especially for the neck and shoulder area.