Mother and Child







The concept is for expectant mothers and mothers who have just given birth.


It is precisely during this exciting time that the expectant mother can often find it difficult to control her posture, and it is not uncommon for her to feel an inner restlessness.

The result is back and neck pain, overstrained muscles and fascia, insomnia and anxiety.


On the Swaywaver you can either lie on your back or on your side.


Cuddled up in a soft pillow, you can come to rest and relax.

It feels like floating weightlessly in a three-dimensional space.


The beauty about this concept is that after the birth of the child, the mother can come for the treatment together with her child.

The newborn is placed on the mother's stomach or breast.


The two relax together on the Swaywaver treatment table.


Sensory stimuli are eliminated, whereas the sensory forces are activated.




This sense of balance, which has been trained from an early age, will be of great aid to the child later in life.


The children are more attentive, more receptive and more balanced.