Osteopathy "The Concept"


The intensive work with the fasciae on the Swaywaver is my core competence.


Thanks to the concept I developed myself, I am able to achieve fantastic results in just 8 individual treatments*.


The treatment process


2 individual treatments to loosen the upper fascia

3 individual treatments to penetrate the deeper fasciae in order to specifically work with the individual fascia cords

2 individual treatments to restore harmony and balance


* The 8 treatments must be completed within 1 month for the treatment concept to work effectively.


Why can I not guarantee a treatment success if the concept is not adhered to?


As effective as the Swaywaver Method is, it is only really effective if you consistently stay on the ball.


Since the renewal process takes place continuously, the first visible results are already visible after 8 treatments, long-lasting change on average after about three months.


However, this in turn requires that you regularly challenge and train your fasciae with appropriately suitable exercises that I will show you in the course of the treatments.


In addition, your lifestyle and diet also have an impact on the health of your fascia.



The Osteo 8 concept in combination with a detox and special fascia yoga will help you achieve long-lasting success.


Your everyday life will be easier for you, your quality of life will increase enormously.





The fascia is a component of the connective tissue that penetrates the whole body as an enveloping and connecting tension network.

In particular, a lack of movement or uniform, constantly repeating muscle strain can lead to adhesions or hardening of the overlying fascia, but of course also the deep muscle fascia.

The cause is the lack of exchange with nutrients.


With the help of gymnastics or other conventional types of movement, it is unfortunately impossible to dissolve collagen thickenings or adhesions in the connective tissue and to mobilize the fascia in the long term. The influence on the fascia is extremely small.


However, myofascia can be loosened and mobilized very well with subtle manual pressure.


With the Swaywaver method I dissolve solidified gel-like colloids (proteins in the basic substance of the fascia).

The special Swaywaver treatment technique makes them temporarily liquid (from the gel to the target state).

After the treatment, the material solidifies again and stays in shape permanently.

This can lead to a spontaneous change in the tone of the tissue. In this way, the position of the muscles and their function in the body can be positively influenced in the long term via fascia mobilization.