Pilates Reformer -                                                                          The Secret to a Strong and Flexible Body

Ulla Hofmann

- Certified sports instructor specializing in the areas of prevention and rehabilitation


- Founder of the company Office Gym

Professional coach for functional kinesiology, movement and posture analysis


- Pilates reformer trainer - trained at the world-famous Merrithew Academy


 - Yoga teacher

Who is Pilates Reformer suitable for?


For every woman and every man, it doesn't matter what age you are, you can

just begin right away.


What is special about Pilates Reformer training?


It is a full-body workout that brings the body back into balance.

The regular stretching on the Reformer improves your posture and brings flexibility to the spine and pelvis.

The muscles surrounding the spine   - the so-called "powerhouse"  - are activated and strengthened.