Spa Treatment


The Swaywaver treatment reaches a whole new dimension also in the areas of wellness and spa.



People's yearning to rest and to retreat from sensory stimuli is growing in importance.


The Natural Spa Treatment combines the Swaywaver method (fascia massage) with a cosmetic treatment using 100% organic products (developed by osteopaths).


"Enjoy a spa treatment that you have never experienced before"


On the Swaywaver you will experience deep relaxation within just a few minutes. The weightless movement in three-dimensional space and the 360° rotation in combination with the oscillation simulates a treatment that was previously only possible in water.


Sensory stimuli are eliminated, sensory powers for body and mind are activated. Not only the Swaywaver treatment table, but also the dulkamara bamboo cosmetic products used reflect the bond with nature.



The goal is deep relaxation and the effects of high-quality care.