Stress management


psychologically and physically taxing stress is reduced




Stress is omnipresent, at work, privately or as a result of a sudden tragedy.

The expectations of your social environment increase.

Without the right kind of stress management, it is foreseeable that the nerves will eventually be on edge and the strain will be so great that it is almost unbearable.

Unfortunately, many wait until it is almost too late before dealing with the topic of stress management.

A mistake, because prevention is an important part of properly dealing with stress.


The Swaywaver method is based on the properties of our natural senses of perception "position-force-movement" and enables working in a three-dimensional space.

The primal feeling in us is activated and the brain waves (HZ) are reduced so that the state of daydreaming occurs.

Daydreams only occur in humans when they are in a state of complete relaxation.



The Swaywaver method enables me to work precisely with these brain waves.


The Swaywaver method lets the properties of nature work optimally. Micro-emotions are triggered and processed during treatment.


Swaywaver is stress management in its most modern form, implemented in a methodology that has been proven since the beginning of creation.



reset yourself ...

Osteo concept 1


Individual treatment                           Price: 60.00 €

Treatment: Myofascial

Duration: 60 minutes


Osteo concept 8


8 treatments within 1 month             Price: 360.00 €

Treatment: Myofascial

Duration: 45 minutes

Price single treatment: 45.00 €