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Tennis arm (tennis elbow)





A tennis elbow and its pain are almost always caused by tense muscles and trigger points.


The tensions in the muscles are also transferred to the tendons in question, where they can cause inflammation.

Treating the muscles involved with the Swaywaver method is a very effective treatment option.

It relieves muscle tension, can eliminate trigger points, and at the same time relieve excess tension from the tendons.



I start by massaging the muscles in your forearm area, because this is the main problem area of a tennis elbow.


Muscles: Brachioradialis, Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus, Extensor Digitorum, Supinator


Then I treat the muscles of the upper arm/elbow.

Muscles: anconeus, triceps brachii


Here too, I use the fascia technique in connection with the Swaywaver treatment method (myofascial) through targeted strokes and pressures (triggers).



You will experience immediate relief, and I will achieve good results after just a few treatments.

This illustration shows the area of the outer forearm most frequently affected by tension.

Osteo concept 1

Individual treatment

Price: 55.00 €

Treatment: Myofascial

Duration: 60 minutes


Osteo concept 8

8 treatments within 1 month

Price: 320.00 €

Treatment: Myofascial

Duration: 45 minutes

Price single treatment: 40.00 €