The chest


Breathing problems

Muscular overload with restricted rotational movements





Anyone who suffers from shortness of breath is literally "breathless".

Despite increased breathing, those affected have the feeling that they are not getting enough air.




The rib cage provides stable protection for the vital organs that it envelops.

In addition, thanks to its movable ribs, it is very elastic and thus enables breathing.

Through the oscillation and inclination on all sides, I can feel the intercostal muscles with the Swaywaver method and easily loosen trigger points and fascia.




You will feel relief after just one treatment.

Deep, soothing breaths are possible again, regular breathing sets in - stress is reduced as a result.


Intercostales are chest muscles that run between the ribs. These muscles lie on top of each other and their fibers cross.

These muscles act as breathing muscles as well as rotators of the thoracic spine.