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Certified Osteoskin® Practitioner

The Osteoskin® Method BFR (Bionome Fascia Renewal)


As a new vision, Osteoskin® combines well-known techniques in fascial treatment with the Osteoskin® Swaywaver treatment table.

A treatment table that makes it possible to detect fascial hardening through three-dimensional micro-movements. This creates a unique dynamic feeling of movement.


Osteoskin® is a term for a method of manual body treatment, whereby the therapist addresses the external connective tissue structure (three-dimensional fascial network).

With the special melting technique, the tissue is flooded and adhesions in the connective tissue structure are loosened.

The fascia regains its suppleness, which means that muscles, nerves, tendons and joints can slide more easily in the fascial sheath.


The Osteoskin® method focuses on the fascia, but actively involves the guest in the treatment.


The aim is to sensitize the guest to establish a connection to himself and to develop a feeling for his body so that he can find an upright and balanced posture (ideal alignment of the vertical line).